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Which NFL team is your favorite?

WASHINGTON — The Washington Redskins were the most-touted team in NFL history last year.

And they are still one of the most popular franchises.

The Redskins have been a favorite of fans for years and a favorite for years now, but it seems like the team is finally getting a new look.

Here are the top 10 teams for the 2019 season:1.

Washington Redskins (8-1, 5-0 NFC East)This is the team that won its first Super Bowl, won its second in 2005 and has won four straight NFC East titles.

The team is also in its fourth year as the league’s most popular franchise.

The Redskins also have a brand new stadium and a new head coach, and they’ll have plenty of money to spend on talent.2.

New Orleans Saints (8.5-2, 5.5, NFC South)The Saints have won the NFC South twice in a row, and are in a position to challenge the Falcons for a playoff spot with a win in Atlanta.

New Saints coach Sean Payton has done an excellent job, and the team has some young talent to build around.3.

Green Bay Packers (8, 3-1)The Packers are in the playoffs for the third straight year, and coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Dom Capers have made the Packers one of those teams that could win the Super Bowl again this season.4.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8)After winning three straight NFC South titles and two NFC North titles last season, the Bucs have a chance to repeat as champions again this year.

With new coach Greg Schiano and offensive tackle O.J. Howard, they have a very good team to build a dynasty around.5.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7) The Jaguars are back in the AFC South for the first time since the 2010 season.

They are a very talented team, led by quarterback Blake Bortles, and new coach Gus Bradley is a big reason why they are a playoff contender.6.

Pittsburgh Steelers (8).

Steelers fans know that they are one of just three teams that are playing in the NFL playoffs every season, and this is the year that they have the chance to take their franchise to the Superdome.7.

Minnesota Vikings (8.)

Minnesota fans are excited to see quarterback Teddy Bridgewater return to the Vikings, who were the surprise package of the draft.

They have a strong running game, which is why the Vikings finished the season with the most yards in the league, averaging 4.75 yards per carry.8.

Arizona Cardinals (7.5) The Cardinals have won nine straight, and have won their last six games.

They were in the top five in both offensive and defensive yards per play, and their defense is better than ever.9.

Indianapolis Colts (7.)

The Colts are the most underrated team in the NFC, but they have to win out to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton has done a great job, as the Colts have allowed just 2,300 yards rushing.10.

Chicago Bears (7, 6) The Bears are back at the top of the NFC North after a rough season last year, finishing the year with the third-best offense in the conference.

The defense is strong, and quarterback Jay Cutler will be back in 2018.11.

Tampa Lions (8)-The Lions are a perennial playoff contender, but the team had to make some roster moves to keep the team in position.

The Lions lost cornerback Tavon Wilson to free agency, but that didn’t stop the Lions from having the fifth-best defense in the Super 12.12.

Greenville Jaguars (9) This is a team that is in great shape heading into 2018.

The Jaguars finished the year fourth in the division and had the top-ranked offense in football, leading the league in rushing.

They also have new coach Doug Marrone, and he’s a coach that will help the Jaguars get back to the playoffs again.13.

Atlanta Falcons (8.-1, 3) The Falcons had to deal with a few injuries to their offense, but quarterback Matt Ryan and offensive line coach Brian Schottenheimer have done a good job in developing the talented group.14.

New England Patriots (7.-1) The Patriots finished the 2016 season with one of their most productive seasons in the history of the franchise.

They had a strong secondary and defense, and a quarterback who can get the ball to his receivers.15.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-) This is the second time the Chiefs have finished in the Top 10 in the rankings.

The Chiefs are coming off their second consecutive NFC South title and have a quarterback to build on that is Alex Smith.16.

Detroit Lions (9)- The Lions finished with the best defense in football last season.

The defensive front is good, and there are good pieces in the secondary, linebackers and offensive linemen.17.

Chicago Eagles (7)- The Eagles have a good chance to make it to the

How to plan for the Antarctic Tourism season in 2018

By ANTHONY JOHNSON-WALSHPosted Aug 24, 2018 10:50:55WOLVERINES have been called in to help in a bid to keep a rare marine species alive during the Antarctic winter.

More than 100 scientists from around the world are being asked to come together for a “research expedition” to the South Pole, where a polar bear has been sighted since last week.

The polar bear, which has been dubbed “Gambia tourism”, is the last surviving member of the critically endangered species.

It was thought to be extinct for hundreds of years, but a sighting last week led conservationists to believe it had been spotted for the first time in over a century.

The South Pole Expedition will be conducted by scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division, the University of New South Wales, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources and WWF Australia.

It is the first Antarctic expedition since 2006 when an Australian team found the elusive beast.

“The Antarctic ecosystem is fragile and fragile species are in urgent need of protection and recovery,” said WWF’s chief executive David Goulburn.

“It is vital that our Antarctic wildlife and people are protected and we can ensure that the Gambia tourism is an effective conservation tool for the long term.”

The team, which includes scientists from a number of universities and universities across Australia, will be onsite in the Antarctic for at least six months to gather data and collect samples.

“We will use our scientific and technical expertise to study the behaviour of the Gambian polar bear and to assess the viability of the polar bear for human consumption in South Africa,” the Antarctic Division said in a statement.

“It is a crucial part of the conservation of the South Antarctic ecosystem that we understand the behaviour and physiology of these critically endangered animals, and we are determined to bring the Gambias tourism to the attention of the world’s conservation community.”

Scientists will use satellite imagery to measure the animal’s body temperature, the humidity in its fur and its salivary gland.

The Antarctic Division is also planning to conduct fieldwork and a research cruise.

“This expedition is the culmination of the work we are doing for Gambia, but it is also the start of something bigger,” the statement said.

“In addition to the exploration and research, we are keen to share our expertise and knowledge with the international community, as well as with the world as a whole, to help understand the importance of the Antarctic environment for our species and our society.”

Gambias tourism is a unique venture, as it is the only non-native species of polar bear in the world.

It will be a new venture for WWF.

The organization has been conducting research on polar bears in the Southern African country since 2002.

In February 2018, WWF announced a plan to reintroduce the species to Gambia.

It was the first step towards that goal.

The group is now asking international and regional partners to help them reintroduce Gambias to the island nation.

“Our goal is to see Gambias return to the Gambi island, so that it can thrive,” WWF Africa’s director of programmes, Simon Tumas, said in the statement.

The team has been travelling to the south of the country since June.

It has spent a total of 20 days in Gambia so far.


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