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Travel advice for Marshall Islands tourists heading to South Africa

Travellers heading to the Marshall Islands this year are being advised to take extra precautions to ensure they stay safe and avoid the risks associated with the highly radioactive nuclear fallout.

Key points: The Marshall Islands have been hit by radiation levels from the Chernobyl nuclear disasterMore than 400 Marshall Islanders have been evacuated and more than 5,000 have been diagnosed with cancer related to the incidentThe United Nations has expressed its concern over the safety of travellers travelling to the South African territorySome Marshall Islands travellers have reported feeling the effects of radiation levels in South Africa but are being urged to stay away from the islands.

Some travellers have been taking the risk of travelling to South African cities to avoid the effects, with some even saying they were forced to cancel trips due to the health risks.

“It’s definitely a concern,” said John Stapleton, who has been visiting South Africa for three years.

“I’m aware of the health effects that people have and I have some concerns that we’re seeing with this radiation.”

But I’m aware that this is the best place I’ve ever been to.

“Mr Staplon said he did not expect to have to go back to South Australia.”

They’re definitely not going to put me back on the road there.

We’ll just stay in hotels or whatever,” he said.

The Marshall Islands, which has been hit with the highest radiation levels seen in South Australia, have also been evacuated.

Some Marshall Islanders are currently receiving treatment at the University of New South Wales hospital.

Many tourists from the Marshall islands have reported experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting after travelling to a city near the Marshall island, in the country’s far north.

But a South African tourist group has called on tourists to consider the dangers of travelling in South African travel zones.

The travel advisory from the United Nations warned that travellers travelling through areas such as the coastal areas of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Durban city should not travel there due to concerns for their health.”

While some may be concerned about radiation exposure, there is no doubt that there are risks of radiation exposure associated with these travel destinations,” it said.”

The risks of exposure from the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in Ukraine are not limited to the areas affected by this disaster.

The risks are even greater in the Marshall Island region.

“Dr Mark Schofield, a radiation epidemiologist with the UN’s World Health Organisation, said South Africa had been hit hard by the fallout.”

We have been in contact with a lot of Marshall Islanders.

And we are seeing a significant increase in the number of cases that we are hearing about,” Dr Schofess said.

In August, South Africa reported that a total of 3,400 people had tested positive for radiation following the Chernowic catastrophe.

The World Health Organization has also warned that people living near nuclear sites in the United States, such as Washington, New York and Los Angeles, should avoid travelling there.”

As soon as we have more information, we will be monitoring the situation in the US and in South Korea,” Dr Staplen said.

But some travellers to the countries have been saying they have been forced to take their business elsewhere, including South Africa.”

There’s some people in the USA who are not doing business with the Marshall Islanders at the moment because of the fallout from Chernobyl,” Dr Scott Lander, a spokesman for the Marshall and Northern Territory tourism boards, told ABC Radio Queensland.”

In some of these areas, the tourists are doing some of their business, and the hotels are closing down and it’s very stressful.

“The South African Tourism Association has said that the tourism industry was in a “very good” position following the fallout, with the country expecting a bumper winter season.”

This is a very positive time for our industry and for our business, as the tourism season is starting and it is going to be very good for tourism,” Mr Stapler said.

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