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When the US is a tourist destination, there’s a shortage of hotels

The US is one of the most-visited countries in the world, and with good reason.

Tourism is a big business, and while the United States has some of the world’s highest occupancy rates, we’re still missing a good deal of the country’s hotels, restaurants, bars, and attractions.

This year, the US has more than 11 million rooms, and it’s projected to have nearly 2.2 million more rooms by the end of 2019.

But while we’re all getting to know the places we visit, there are still plenty of areas where the US could be a bit better.

And even if you live in an area that doesn’t get much attention in the tourist industry, you’re still probably going to find that something new or unique happens here.

There’s a lot of potential here for the US to be a good tourist destination.

Here’s what you need to know about it. 1.

The US has plenty of hotels, but not enough to satisfy everyone 2.

You’re going to pay a bit more for your hotel stay, but it’s going to be worth it 3.

And that means you’ll be more likely to stay longer for a better experience 4.

If you’re looking to see the sights of the US and aren’t sure where to start, this is a good place to start 5.

There are many ways to enjoy yourself in the US, but the best options are to start with one of several popular hotels.

Here are the best hotels in the country, and which ones are the most popular.

This article originally appeared on Ars Technic’s Travel blog.


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