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Trump blasts Trudeau over ‘very weak’ Alberta tourism bill

The President Donald Trump on Thursday blasted Canada’s new tourism bill, slamming the country for “very weak” measures that he said could cost the province millions of dollars.

“This is a very weak Alberta tourism program, the strongest in the world.

It’s very weak,” Trump said in a speech at the Calgary International Airport.

“And we’re going to be talking about that very very, very hard.”

The new legislation was introduced last week in the wake of a series of deadly earthquakes in Canada’s northwest and west, which are the worst on record.

The bill was quickly denounced by the Canadian government, and the Alberta government has vowed to introduce new measures to curb the risks from the earthquakes.

Trump’s comments come days after the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. revealed the first casualty of the quake, which killed nine people and injured more than 200 in the province.

Trudeau has said the province has taken several measures to limit the risks, including limiting the number of flights into and out of the province, banning all foreign climbers in the area and restricting access to areas where the quake occurred.

The new bill would also ban Canadian climbers from accessing the Mount Polley area, where the largest quakes have occurred.

“I think the strongest measure to prevent an earthquake in Canada is not to have any earthquake in Alberta,” Trudeau said at the airport, according to the CBC.

“I think there’s really no better way to prevent earthquakes than to have strong measures.”

A New York-Style Holiday Resort Is Coming to Hawaii

Posted December 16, 2018 07:16:57In just a few months, Hawaiian vacationers will be able to experience a new era of “the most romantic and exotic vacation in the world,” thanks to the opening of the first new Hawaii resort in decades in the city of Honolulu.HOTEL NEW YORK-style Holiday Resort is set to open in Honolulu on January 5.

Guests will be treated to a combination of Hawaiian hospitality and traditional Hawaiian culture, including traditional Hawaiian cuisine, traditional Hawaiian clothing, and traditional Hawaii wines.

HNL’s goal is to create an experience for guests of all ages, while preserving the heritage of the island’s rich cultural history, according to CEO, Andrew Gentry.

Gentry told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that he hopes to create a new and “unique holiday destination for people of all backgrounds.”

He hopes that visitors will have a more immersive and relaxed experience than anything else in the United States, where a lot of tourists are coming from Europe.

He said that HNL is not a tourist attraction.

“We’re not a hotel, we’re not an entertainment venue,” he said.

“HNL is a hotel that will be very unique to Hawaii and our destination.”

Gentry said that he expects a number of visitors to make the trip to Hawaii to experience the “most romantic and unusual vacation in Hawaii history.”

The resort is set for an indoor area, with the rooms available for a “luxury experience,” and there will be a dining area with traditional Hawaiian food, as well as “a traditional Hawaiian wine bar.”

The hotel is expected to open to the public at the end of 2018.HNL will be owned and operated by Gentry, an entrepreneur, and he is looking to open up a second Hawaiian resort in Hawaii by 2021.

“I think that’s a very realistic timeline,” Gentry told ABC News.

“Hawaii is going to be the new global capital of tourism.

I think it will be the biggest tourist draw of all time.”HNL opened its doors in 2016.

It is currently one of the most popular and well-liked vacation destinations in the U.S. for the first time.

According to the tourism site TripAdvisor, “the average number of guests visiting Hawaii in the last three months is higher than at any other time since 2007, and the number of hotels and resorts booked has doubled in the past year.”

The hotel has already attracted international attention with the opening in February of its first restaurant, the Hawaii Paradise in Kona.

According of TripAdvisors, it’s “among the most exciting and luxurious restaurants in Hawaii.”

The Hawaii Paradise restaurant features a “premium lounge with premium cocktails, fresh and locally sourced Hawaiian food,” according to the hotel’s website.

The hotel also has a “breathtaking” “spacious rooftop garden” with views of the Pacific Ocean.

According a TripAdvisory, “The hotel’s rooftop garden features an island-like environment and breathtaking views of Oahu and the Pacific ocean.”

The property’s rooftop gardens feature a “unique landscaping, including the addition of a canopy canopy garden” to “enhance the natural beauty and ambiance,” according the hotel website.

According to the Hawaiian Islands Tourism Authority, there are about 10,000 guests at HNL.

Guests are allowed to “sleep in the hotel and enjoy complimentary outdoor dining.”

The site says that guests can stay up to five nights, and guests can enjoy a private spa.

Hali’i is the capital of Hawai’i, and is known for its “lively and eclectic atmosphere.”

According to TripAdvocacy, “Hali'”i is a popular tourist destination and a popular vacation destination for Americans from all over the country.

“Hawaii has the most hotels in the country and is one of only two U.N. member nations that does not have a formal holiday system.

Hali’imas Tourism Authority says there are approximately 50,000 rooms, more than double the number than in the year 2010.

It has the fourth-highest hotel occupancy rate in the entire U.


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