Australia’s tourism boom is spurring new tourism

Oct 27, 2021 Restaurant

The tourism boom in Australia has helped lift the fortunes of the state’s most successful tourism operator, Mass Tourism Australia.

The growth in tourism in Australia over the past year has been extraordinary, with Australia’s overall tourism growth rate of 1.5 per cent reaching the highest levels in at least 30 years.

Mass Tourism Australia is the world’s third largest tourist operator after China’s Zhejiang Tourist Association and Hong Kong’s Hangzhou Tourist Bureau.

Australian companies are also leading the way in international tourism with the number of Australian visitors to China rising to more than 7 million, according to the World Tourism Organisation.

It is estimated that Australia’s first overseas tourists are expected to come from China by 2020.

But the boom has also created new challenges for Australia’s tourist industry.

In recent years, the industry has seen a huge increase in demand for accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

For many people, travelling abroad has become a rite of passage for the first time.

“There’s a lot of new people who have never visited Australia before, so the challenge is how do you connect them with the world and make it worthwhile,” Mass Tourism CEO Peter Luff said.

Newspapers, books and websites are also making the journey easier.

More than a million Australians visited China last year alone, making it the world capital of tourism.

A number of major events are being held across Australia and New Zealand, with Sydney hosting the Olympics and the World Cup in 2020.

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