Why France tourism to the US is a ‘divergence’

Aug 24, 2021 Hotel

Travelers to the United States have become increasingly drawn to France, according to a survey published by France Tourism, a travel agency.

France is ranked as the country that has the highest number of people in the world who are attracted to the country, and is the only country in the European Union that has a tourism boom.

A whopping 11.3% of people polled said they would choose to visit France if the chance came up.

“The French are the people who are really attracted to travel in the United Kingdom and America,” said the agency’s CEO, Pierre Bonnard.

“I’m very proud of this result.

In the past years we’ve been able to increase the number of visitors to the U.S. by 1.4 million, which is the largest increase in tourism we have ever recorded.”

Bonnard says France has been able do this because of a host of economic benefits that come from having a strong economy and the fact that France is one of the most popular destinations for American tourists.

“It’s because the French are very good at hospitality, and they are very open-minded and accepting,” Bonnard told Fox News.

“They’re very, very open to sharing and sharing things.”

Bonsonn said France also has a strong reputation as a destination for women, with women coming to France to work in various sectors.

“In terms of men, it’s very important because women are very active in French society, and it’s also important for a country like France, which has a very masculine culture,” Bonsonnard said.

“France has also become a great destination for families, and families are very welcoming of families.”

France’s tourism industry, Bonnard said, has been thriving for years, but in recent years has seen an increase in popularity.

Tourism is an important part of France’s economy, but it is also a key source of income for the country. “

And because the country has an economy that is relatively low, the economy can attract a lot of foreign direct investment, which means the country can grow,” Bonnell said.

Tourism is an important part of France’s economy, but it is also a key source of income for the country.

The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 4.4% in 2017, according the European Commission, which noted that this was the fastest rate of growth since 2009.

Bonnard predicts that France will continue to attract the most foreign visitors, as its population continues to increase.

“People from all over the world want to come to France and have a good time,” Bonnan said.

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