How much does it cost to visit Montenegro?

Aug 7, 2021 Hotel

The average ticket price for a stay in Montenegro is $1,000 and the cost of a night out can top $20,000, according to a new report by tourism consultancy, the Montenegro Tourism Authority.

Here are some of the costs.

Nightlife, accommodation and food – $200 Nightlife in Montenegrins capital Montenegro costs between $200 and $400 a night, depending on the restaurant you go to and the night.

For a two-night stay, you can expect to spend around $300.

It’s cheaper to stay in one of the hotels or hostels, which offer less than half the prices.

However, it’s not a bad deal.

You’ll be able to eat some of Montenegrin’s best food.

It is not cheap, but you’ll be getting a taste of what the countrys famous food is like, and it will be worth it.

Night out with friends – $800 It is worth every cent to get out with a group of friends in Montenegrin.

If you want to have a good time, it is best to book a room or a hotel room that is close to the airport and is well-lit, which will mean you’ll have a great view of the city.

There are also bars, clubs and restaurants, so you’ll want to book as soon as possible.

There’s also a good chance that you will have a very nice and spacious room to host your friends and family.

You can rent a car for $2,500 or rent a minibus for $5,500.

It depends on the destination, but if you have a family, you’ll probably want to get a car that is reliable.

You should also plan to spend at least $1 per night to enjoy Montenegrin nightlife.

Travelling in Montenegratans capital Montenegrincos capital, Belgrade, costs around $500 per day, or $15,000 for two people.

You will have to pay around $3,500 for a one-night hotel stay, or you will need to spend a little more.

You may have to bring a passport with you, but this is a cheap way to visit a country that is renowned for its nightlife and good food.

For more information on Montenegro, click here.

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