How to get to the ‘Gambia Tourism’ festival

Jul 27, 2021 Hotel

From the beach in the Gambia to the high-tech offices in New York City, the “Gambian Tourism” festival is on.

But what does it all mean?

And why are people so interested in the country’s tourism industry?

The Gambia is the only country in Africa that has a thriving tourism industry.

The country was founded by British explorer and explorer-turned-politician Cecil Rhodes in 1804.

Rhodes, a staunch nationalist, was a fervent proponent of British colonial rule and the spread of colonialism around the world.

He was a vocal critic of President Jacob Zuma and the ruling African National Congress.

During his time in office, Rhodes led a brutal campaign of repression and violence against African people and in particular against the ruling National Union of the Boer Republic (Nubians).

In a speech he delivered on February 3, 1906, he stated that if the Boers refused to join the British, he would kill them.

He then ordered a series of massacres against the Boering population, a genocide which is still happening today.

Despite being a British colony, the Gambias economy was built on the back of its oil wealth.

The country was originally a British protectorate that Rhodes took from the British in 1807.

In 1908, Rhodes launched the “African Slave Trade” and the first slave trade in the world was carried out.

In the decades that followed, the trade in enslaved Africans was exported to the US and the rest of the world as well as to Africa itself.

In recent years, the economy has grown at an average rate of about 7.5 percent per year.

It was at this time that the country experienced its economic growth, but the process of privatizing the national oil company in 2010 left the country in the grip of a deep recession.

This year, Gambia saw a new boom in tourism as more and more foreign visitors flocked to the country, as the number of international tourists grew by 60 percent between 2011 and 2016.

The government has also started to privatize its oil industry, which has led to a major increase in tourism.

The government recently announced that it would privatize the national gas company, the countrys largest oil company, and that it will open an offshore gas field.

The move comes after a series in which the country has taken steps to privatise its national oil industry.

In a bid to attract more tourists, the government is now offering a discount on the price of hotel stays and other accommodation, as well a free ticket to any of the countryns popular tourist destinations.

The Gambias government has begun to diversify the economy, including offering incentives for foreign companies to invest in the tourism sector, as it seeks to build up its own business base.

“The Gambian Tourism Industry is the one sector where the government has taken an active role,” said Aliza Gumba, a research associate at the University of Georgia’s Institute for Economic Development.

“They are diversifying the economy.

They are opening new companies and developing them.

They’re doing this because they see tourism as a key way to grow their economy.”

The Gambians government has invested heavily in tourism and is hoping to attract visitors to the island nation of 2 million.

Tourism is the largest industry in the island, with about 70,000 workers in the economy that generates over $30 billion in revenue each year.

According to the government, it is the first country in South Africa to offer a discounted hotel and accommodation for visitors.

It also offers a free day pass to all visitors and a free meal for anyone who purchases a ticket.

According the Tourism Department of the Gambian government, the economic value of tourism is worth approximately $4 billion.

According to a report released by the Ministry of Tourism and African Development, the value of the tourism industry is estimated at $7.8 billion, making it the most valuable economic sector in South African history.

“There’s a huge need for tourism in South America,” Gumbaa said.

“The tourism industry in South Korea is also huge.

It is very big.

But the tourism is really underdeveloped in Africa.”

The government is also investing in tourism education programs.

The department offers free training for teachers and a number of workshops in schools to educate teachers about the cultural and social aspects of tourism.

“There are a lot of opportunities to create new jobs,” Gumbsa said.

The program also offers scholarships for teachers who can show their expertise in tourism or are interested in teaching abroad.

“We have a number who are from the tourism profession and want to work abroad and we have an opportunity to help them in their training,” said Gabriela Mota, a student at the Department of Tourism Education.

“We also have opportunities to support them in working in the local tourism industry.”

Gumba said the government wants to create a new economic engine to support tourism, but she is optimistic that the process will be positive.

“I think we’re going to see the kind of growth that

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