Bermuda Tourism Gets New Names for Its New Names

Jul 21, 2021 About

The Bermudas Tourism Department has officially announced its new naming scheme.

The department announced that the names for its new tourist sites in the province would be called “Bermuda’s New Trails” and “Byrne’s Trail.”

The department says that the new names are intended to give the public more confidence in Bermuds’ trails.

The new names also are meant to “bring a new level of excitement to the Bermudean Trail System,” said a Bermudi Tourism Department spokesperson.

The official announcement comes a week after the state’s Department of Tourism and Tourism Development made the announcement that it was considering the name changes.

The department plans to begin naming the trails “Bryant’s Trail,” “Bryan’s Trail” and a few others by the end of 2019.

Byrnes and Bryant trails are the two main trails in the Beryllium Hills National Park in North Carolina.

The two trails have been named after the two brothers who lived and worked on the farms where they grew up.

In addition, the trails in Beryellium Hills are named after William and Mary Bryne and William and George Bryant, who owned the property.

The new names will be introduced by the department in its spring 2019 calendar.

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