How to get a good night’s sleep in Montana

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In the summer, it’s not unusual for visitors to spend up to $40 in parking spots in Montana, including at a hotel, at a gas station and on the highways.

The average cost of a night’s stay in the state is $100, according to a 2016 study by the Montana Tourism Marketing Agency.

But in some cities, the price is much more expensive.

Montana tourism is expected to be the second-most popular tourism destination in the U.S. in 2020, with $1.7 billion in hotel room nights booked in 2017, according the U,C.M. study.

But some areas of the state, particularly the eastern part of the country, have some of the lowest rates of lodging occupancy.

In the western part of Montana, for instance, the average occupancy rate is only 15 percent, according a 2017 study by Travelers Digest.

In some of these places, a hotel room can be much cheaper than a camping trip.

For instance, in the town of Red Deer, about an hour north of Yellowstone National Park, the typical cost of lodging at a Montana hotel is just $75.

But at a campground in nearby Klamath Falls, the cost of one night’s lodging in a campgrounds lodge is about $600, Travelers’ Digest said.

Hotels and motels are not required to disclose lodging costs, so it’s difficult to determine what rates are being charged to visitors, said Katie Gartner, a spokeswoman for the Montana Department of Tourism.

The agency has created a website where visitors can view rates for hotels and motors and pay their own hotel bills.

For example, in 2016, the Klamaths hotel charged an occupancy rate of only 12.6 percent.

That’s lower than most other hotels in the area, but higher than the average rate of 12.4 percent for Montana hotels in 2016.

The lowest occupancy rates in the Great Basin are found in Wyoming, Montana and Montana.

The most expensive lodging rates are found only in Wyoming.

The average rate for lodging in the western Great Basin is about 19 percent.

In other words, the rates are almost twice the average price of a hotel in that part of Wyoming.

Gartner said the average room rate for Montana’s resorts and motoring destinations is $120 per night.

In Wyoming, the rate is $140.

Hotel rooms in Montana are also not required for most visitors, including overnight stays.

However, the occupancy rate in Montana is less than one percent, so if a visitor is staying at a motel, they are paying just a quarter of what a room would cost if the occupancy was 10 percent.GARTNER said the rate of occupancy is a good indicator of the quality of lodging accommodations in Montana.

“The occupancy rate indicates a level of care and attention given to each guest,” Gartners said.

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